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  • How do I get started?
    All training sessions must be booked in advance and are not walk-in. If you wish to join our open games, you must first be observed by our coach during one of our coaching sessions. Simply inform the coach about your interest in joining the open games at the beginning of the session. Please sign up to the Little Giants Volleyball app on Wix (, with your full name and bio to get started and view all the sessions we have available. If you are a competitive League Player and wish to be considered for our National team, please apply using the following link: Competitive Junior League Players can apply using the following link:
  • Where are the courts located?
    We have a range of courts available across the Greater London area. Please observe your booking location to get the details, as courts change from time to time.
  • How do I find out information about my booking (date, time, court location)?"
    All the necessary information can be found in the email confirmation sent at the time of booking. It's important to carefully review the booking details provided on the Little Giants Volleyball page, both on the Wix app and website.
  • Can I book a session for multiple volleyball players?
    Yes, however forms of each person need to be submitted ahead of play. We collect important information up front including emergency contact information, and other contact information to ensure that you are safe and secure during the sessions.
  • Who should attend 13+ / Who should attend U-13?
    Juniors who turned 13 after 1st September last year should attend the U-13 sessions.
  • How are Junior Memberships paid?
    Junior Memberships can be paid seasonally if the junior has been selected to teams. Junior team membership is only for those selected to teams and covers two trainings a week for boys and two trainings a week for girls.
  • What do I do if I need to cancel my booking?
    Bookings are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable. This includes tournaments, junior volleyball camp, junior monthly membership, 1-on-1 trainings or adult team membership fee. Social sessions are exchangeable if we are contacted within 24 hours prior to be to attendance at a social or coached session to transfer payment to your preferred date. Please note that the rescheduled date should not be more than one month away. The Little Giants VC will contact you in the event of postponement or cancellation to work with you on refund or exchange.
  • How are the sessions run?
    In order for you to make the most of every session you attend we have structured our sessions alongside your experience and volleyball ability according to different levels. In order for us as a club to deliver that better structure we have to monitor and help you attend the best session for you at the moment (as well as to respect and meet the needs of all other players from particular group session, means they also have to train alongside with people of their level to enjoy the session), we have to observe everyone even people who are already players from our growing volleyball community. First timers (we accept that your level might be good for a particular session). Please accept our structure and sign up for a coaching session, where we can observe you. Under 18? Check out our Junior Volleyball page, especially designed for you!​
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