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Big results for U16 boys and girls

Note these names: Duru, Ana, Naz, Gürem, Bianca, Aisha, Maria, Jennifer, Kimberly.

Note these also: Bernardo, Manuel, Ignas, Daniel, Luca, Craig, Mohammed, Victor, Sahil.

Many will be well known in the near future in English Volleyball. They are the girls and boys who played for London Giants in the English national under 16 championships in December 2019.

It was the club’s first venture onto the national stage and they competed against some of the best-known names in English junior Volleyball including the second teams from Ashcombe, Boswells and London Lynx, whose top teams have a bye to the second round. They will be up against them in January for both boys’ and girls’ teams made their way through the first. The boys finished second to Richmond in their tournament and the top two go through. The girls finished top in theirs. The London club, Little Giants VC is so proud of them!

Follow their news on Instagram @littlegiantsjuniors or on the club’s official website

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