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london giants JUNIOR team AND OPEN TRAINING participation rules and regulations 


We expect a high level of commitment from everyone involved with Little Giants Volleyball Club. Whether you are an adult or a junior-athlete or a parent of a junior-athlete, we expect all players and parents to maintain a positive image that reflects highly of the Little Giants Volleyball Club.


Player Expectations


We seek athletes who want to put in the time and work necessary to be the best player and person they can be. As a member of the LGVC, it is critical to understand that you represent yourself and the club, family, coaches, school, and community not only at the trainings and games but also on your social media channels .


Attendance Expectations


Players must attend all functions and we expect that each athlete will be at every practice. The golden rule for being on time is if you are on time, you are late. All athletes are expected to be dressed and ready 15 minutes prior to the scheduled practice time. The nets and posts are expected to be set up along with volleyballs counted prior to the time practice is scheduled to start.  If a junior-volleyball player is at school but unable to participate in practice, due to illness or injury, they are expected to still attend practice and support their teammates. Failure to do so will be considered an unexcused absence and will likely affect playing time. Excessive unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the team as determined by the coach and club’s management. The coach has the right to dismiss the player from the team if a lack of commitment and attendance continues. If a player is going to miss practice, they must inform the coach directly and in advance. Telling a teammate to tell the coach is not an acceptable vehicle of communication and will not be accepted. Doctor’s appointments should be scheduled around the practice and competition schedule. Practice time that is missed must be made up by staying for another practice session to pepper the balls on the side of the court and help out in any way necessary. Any student-athlete who misses a practice the day before a match/tournament (for any reason) might not start and/or not play at the coach’s discretion. All volleyball players adult to juniors must attend all their scheduled weekly trainings.


Practice & Game Day Expectations


Adhere to the dress code and game day sports clothing expectations

                    o   White knee high socks for females and white calf high socks for males, white kneepads, black spandex for the females and black shorts for the males… No exceptions!

                    o   Look like a team, act like a team, be a team!

Practices are closed… Friends, significant others, or parents are not allowed to watch practice.

For the junior athletes mobile phones are to ALWAYS be put away during practice, on silent, and only used with permission from coach(es)

No swearing. Ever.

Be coachable

Work hard and do the right thing, even when no one is watching

Be respectful to referees and opponents

Have a positive attitude

Take care of the equipment… It is expensive to replace!

Fulfil training and game day assignments without complaint– calling lines, keeping scoresheet, three ball system, etc., both at games and during season.


Being A Good Teammate


Make those around you better

Lead by example

Adhere to the training dress code and game day clothing expectations

Be the kind of teammate that you would want to play next to

Encourage and support your teammates at all time

The team comes first, always and no matter what

No gossip. Ever. That includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Tiktok, Snapchat and any other social media.

Display good character and values on and off the court

Give 100% effort at all times

Be a good communicator

Maintain a positive attitude

Hold one another accountable to team policies and expectations


Playing Time Expectations


All players will have equal opportunities to train and play during practice sessions. Playing time is earned and is a privilege. LGVC does NOT guarantee equal playing time during matches. Coaches will make playing time decisions based on what they believe will bring success to the team. At NO time will the individual needs of a player be placed above what is ultimately best for the team. Players are expected to EARN a starting position and/or playing time EVERY WEEK in practice. Factors that can affect playing time are: attendance at practice, attitude and ethic, leadership skills, team chemistry, skill level and performance during practices and matches. Players on the sideline must encourage and show their support for the players on the court. Bad attitudes and sulking will not be tolerated.


Playing Time Issues


Questions and conversations regarding playing time will NEVER take place directly before, during, or after matches.


Parent Expectations, Responsibilities, & Code of Conduct


Please note, you may volunteer your time to help make this program run successfully. In order for it to run like a well-oiled machine we need everyone to pitch in and volunteer his or her time. There are plenty of opportunities to help and become involved!

Celebrate the success of all members of the team, not just your own junior/s.


Please do not argue with officials, there are no exceptions. Whether you agree with a coach’s decisions and strategies or not. You must understand that LGVC coaches will make choices based on what they believe to be the best interest of the team as a whole and the team’s goals, not with the interests of a single player in mind


Aggressive or hostile confrontations between a parent and any coach, official, player, or other parents will NOT be tolerated and may result in the parent losing their privilege to attend team tournaments, games, and related events

Basic Rule: Discussing negative comments or criticising LGVC  coaches, administrators, team parents, or players will NOT be permitted. This creates a negative culture that will not be tolerated. If you have questions for a coach, please direct your question to that coach as opposed to discussing the matter with other parents or other players. Please set a good example by showing respect to our coaches and program by complying with these rules and decisions. *Reminder: Parents are NEVER to discuss playing time or any concerns regarding strategic decisions with coaches at a tournament, match, or practice


Please take the time to consider how much time, energy, effort, and dedication your team’s coaches are putting into coaching the team for relatively little compensation. They do it because they are passionate about the sport of volleyball and want to pass that along to help the team(s) to be the best players and team they can be. Please be appreciative of their efforts and all that they do and realize they deserve your respect and support. Also recognize that all of our coaches are always well intentioned and have the best interests of their teams in mind.



Players are expected to travel to all functions on the team bus. There are exceptions to this rule, BUT they MUST be cleared with Coach Herb no later than the day before. Players can ONLY be released to their parents once matches are complete. Arrangements can be made to car pool home from games but a permission slip must be signed and cleared by the coach and management prior to the start of the season.

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