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Interns: We have an internship program for those who are currently studying and/or are looking to gain experience in the field of sports or in coaching volleyball.

Volunteers: We welcome passionate volunteers to help out with numerous tasks such us coordinating the sessions, helping out with our social media channels, assistant coaching, statistics in league games or scoring.

Volleyball Coaches: Our growing club is in constant need of new coaches who are experienced and qualified coaches for paid roles.


Experienced volleyball players who would like to train to become coaches: If you do not have any experience or qualification to coach, we have a program to get experienced volleyball players to gain experience in the coaching field.

If you are interested in coaching, interning or volunteering or becoming an LGVC host , please fill out the form below to submit for consideration. Alternatively, you can  send us an email with your CV to Be sure to include: Coaching Qualifications, DBS, Work Permit Status, Years Coaching, and other relevant details if you have any.

Note: All information is private and confidential to Little Giants staff members only.

Have DBS?
Are you an active player?
Are you currently involved with a volleyball club as a player or as a coach?

Thanks! We will be in touch.

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