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  1. Single round robin.

  2. First two finishers go into the Final.

  3. Matches will start immediately after the previous match has ended.  There is no warm up time on court - warm up should be done on the side of the court prior to the match.

  4. Best of 3 sets (25, 25, 15), matches are an hour long.

  5. Location: Brixton Recreation Centre, Friday evenings 8-9pm or 9-10pm games.

  6. Two women on court at all times.

  7. Team Captains are required to pay team fees ahead of the League.
  8. All registration forms must be completed prior to participation (Registration Form Link). Once this registration is completed, please fill out the attached form and send to
  9. A couple of things to let your team members know, especially those who are attending our events the first time:

    1. Captains or the main booking person are expected to share the rules and fixtures with their team members in advance.

    2. Matches are played as per the rules on fixtures

    3. Libero does not count as the second female. 

    4. We won't be explaining the rules to the individuals on the day!

    5. We would appreciate if you can tag Little Giants Volleyball 

    6. Pictures and videos are also shared on our FB page/Instagram  "Little Giants Volleyball" throughout the matches.

    7. Please look after your belongings on the evening: We as the organisers, are not responsible for any belongings.

Note: All information is private and confidential to Little Giants staff members only.
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