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Little Giants' Copper Box Tournament Series 25th February

8 mixed , 5 women's and 5 men's teams competed against each other at Copper Box tournament series by Little Giants Volleyball on 25th February 2017. Teams came from different London clubs such as Lionhearts, Balham Bears, Flaming Six, Waltham Forest, and Imperial College as well as teams who are planning to compete at All Nations this year such as Brazil. In mixed category , 1st place went to the regular, Katangees from Pool B organised by Giulia Belli and Enis Cifdaloz and 2nd place went to Sticky Rice organised by Oakki from Pool A which is an another regular team at Little Giants competitions.

Diamonds after victory

In Women's category, 1st place went to a "so far unbeatable" Diamonds team and 2nd went to first timer Brazuca organised by Izabelle Brito.

In Men's category, 1st place went to Lionhearts' Predators who's has shown an excellent performance throughout competition and 2nd place went to team Migas organised by Marcos Bezelga.

Unfortunately , Brazuca Men team has had two injuries during the games. We wish them a speedy recovery.

We thank one of our sponsors, #CakeBoxTooting, yet for another delicious cake provision at the competition for all the players.

Final Places:

Mixed: 1st Katangees 2nd Sticky Rice 3rd Imperial and Friends


1st Diamonds 2nd Brazuca 3rd Angel Wings


1st Lionheart Men 2nd Migas 3rd Giants

Next tournament for Mixed is on 18th March 2017 – Copper Box. Next Women's and Men's is on 2nd April 2017- Ernest Bevin College.

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