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1 Participants 
1.1 In order to register for the club training groups on any occasion, he/she must first confirm that they have no Covid-19 symptoms or has not been exposed to anyone with symptoms within the last 2 weeks. 
1.2 Participants must be members of Little Giants Volleyball Club and must therefore have read and understood the activity risk assessment.
1.3 Participants must be registered to play on Little Giants VC’s mobile app in advance prior to the training so that occupancy can be managed in line with Volleyball England guidelines.
2 Arrival at the venues
2.1 Covid-19 Safety Officer must arrive before the other participants to ensure that the courts to be used have been set up.
2.2 A participant must not be more than 5 minutes early for their appointed session to minimise occupancy.
2.3 Participants must arrive changed into their sports gear and footwear, warmed up and ready to play; participants may not warm up or stretch in the facility outside the courts.
2.4 Before entering the court, the participant must sanitise hands using the sanitiser upon entrance of the sports hall.  
3 Spectators/ guardians
3.1 To reduce occupancy, no spectators are allowed during trainings and limited number of spectators are allowed at the competitions/games. 

4 Access to the courts
4.1 After direction from the Covid-19 Safety Officer , the participants must sanitise hands and go immediately to court. 
5 Departure from the venues
5.1 Participants must depart from the centre immediately following their session on court; observing the one way system if applicable.
5.2 Participants must leave the centre with minimal contact with surroundings.

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