1 Participants, numbers
1.1 In order to register for the club training groups on any occasion, he/she must first confirm that they have no Covid-19 symptoms or has not been exposed to anyone with symptoms within the last 2 weeks. Little Giants VC does not accept those who are in the vulnerable group or anyone over the age of 70.
1.2 Participants must be members of Little Giants Volleyball Club and must therefore have read and understood the activity risk assessment and Volleyball England guidelines for safe return to court.
1.3 At any one time, participant number may not be more than 30 members in line with Volleyball England guidelines. 1.4 Participants must be registered to play on Little Giants VC’s mobile app in advance prior to the training so that occupancy can be managed in line with Volleyball England guidelines.
2 Arrival at the venues
2.1 Covid-19 Safety Officer must arrive before the other participants to ensure that the courts to be used have been set up and dry mopped prior to play.
2.2 A participant must not be more than 5 minutes early for their appointed session to minimise occupancy.
2.3 Participants must arrive changed into their sports gear and footwear, warmed up and ready to play; participants may not warm up or stretch in the facility outside the courts or use changing facilities.
2.4 Observing social distancing rules and minimising contact with the building, the participant must liaise immediately with the Covid-19 Secure responsible person for direction to a court.
2.5 Before entering the court, the participant must sanitise hands using the sanitiser provided by the club.
2.6 All players must come in and leave the court with a mask and maintain 2 meter distance when off the court.
3 Spectators/ guardians
3.1 To reduce occupancy, no spectators are allowed.
4 Access to the courts
4.1 After direction from the Covid-19 Safety Officer , the participants must sanitise hands and go immediately to court. 4.2 Where possible, one way system will be implemented ie entering via main door and leaving via emergency exit.
5 Cleaning, sanitisation of equipment, space
5.1 Deep-cleaning of the whole court before and after play is not necessary. Cleaning the balls is required after each game or every 30mins.
5.2 Balls will be sanitised using an alcohol wipe, provided by club, between games.
5.3 If the ball leaves the court, it must be sanitised using an alcohol wipe, provided by the club, before play may resume.
5.4 Once used, all alcohol wipes must be disposed in a bin.
6 Departure from the venues
6.1 Participants must depart from the centre immediately following their session on court; observing the one way system if applicable and wearing a face mask.
6.2 Participants must leave the centre with minimal contact with surroundings.
6.3 Participants may not warm down or change in the centre.
On 25th July 2020, it has been announced by the National Governing Body, Volleyball England that clubs and event organisers can return to indoor volleyball and must only return to play 6v6 Indoor volleyball when they have the appropriate measures in place as stipulated by Volleyball England and Government guidance.
• Numbers for training sessions and match days should be kept to a maximum of 30 people. This includes players, bench personnel, a scorer and match officials
• Spectators should remain socially distanced at all times and refrain from all contact with the ball e.g. returning it to the field of play. Spectator groups must be restricted to discrete six person gathering limits and spread out, in line with wider UK Government guidance.
 • No line judges will be required until further notice.
• Referees will use electronic or hand pressured handheld whistles until further notice and not whistle with their fingers or use a mouth whistle.
• Balls to be cleaned with sanitiser after every set or every 30 minutes during training sessions or match day warm up (or other period considered reasonable based on the number of balls used during training/warmups). Self-isolation Anyone who meets one of the following criteria must not attend training sessions or matches either as an athlete, coach or support teams including family members
• Has a high temperature, a new persistent cough and a loss of smell or taste. Follow the guidance on self-isolation.
• Is a vulnerable person or by virtue of their age, has underlying health conditions, clinical condition, are pregnant, is living with someone in self-isolation or a vulnerable person, or bBeen told to self-isolate by the NHS Track and Trace teams.
Procedure should a member of the volleyball club become ill while attending training sessions:
If a member of the training or match day group develops a high temperature, a persistent cough or loses the sense of taste or smell while participating, they must also:
• Ensure head coach is informed
• Avoid touching anything
• Cough or sneeze into a tissue and put in a bin, or if they do not have tissues, cough and sneeze into crook of their elbow.
• They must then follow the guidance on self-isolation and not return to training until their period of self-isolation has been completed. Travel to trainings and matches:
• Players and team personnel will follow government guidelines for travel to and from venues https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-safer-travel-guidance-for-passengers#travel-safely-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak
Hand Washing
• Regular hand washing or sanitising will be carried out before and after all training sessions Changing Rooms and showers
• Players are asked to arrive changed and shower at home. Use of changing and shower facilities must follow government advice on the use of indoor facilities where available.
• If these facilities remain closed, exceptions may be made where safety and safeguarding measures require their use, e.g. supporting disability athletes, a child needs a change of clothing etc.
• Social distancing protocols are asked to be maintained when possible. Players and coaches should keep 2m metres apart where practicable to do so.
NHS Track and Trace
• Little Giants VC will assist this service by keeping a temporary record of the participants for 21 days on our mobile application where players have to sign up with their contact details, and this function will assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for the data if needed.
Public Relations
• Little Giants VC’s coaches will have a copy of Risk Assessment with them during sessions.
Little Giants VC’s Risk Assessment