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Diamonds win the women's tournament

Little Giants Volleyball Women's Tournament

Diamonds wins the gold at Little Giants Volleyball's women's tournament on Saturday 22nd October! The team was formed together by Blaze's Joanna Lawniczek with some players from various London League Div 1 teams such as F6's Blaze, Malory Eagles' W1 and one Tuskers player. Although they suffered one game against Wimbledon's Wildkats W1 team, they managed to come back strong in the finals and became the champions of the tournament.

Well done to all competing teams and players from various London clubs such as Lionhearts , Flaming 6, Tuskers, Malory Eagles and Wimbledon VC. Fantastic volleyball and so much fun.

We look forward to seeing you on court soon again!

Winner: Diamonds

Runner-up: Wimbledon Wildkats


Simon Kuah on Court 1

Kassim Ukware on Court 2

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