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Giants beat London Lynx 2

(Men’s D2B - London Volleyball League) 21:16 21:17 21:15 Table climbers up to third Although they did not play him until the third set, Lynx had sufficient warning of Giants' growing prowess to sign Ashley Trodden on the morning of the match. Although he did impress, by then the home side had a firm grip on the game. Only in the second set did Lynx threaten to challenge and the threat was quickly overcome. Giants had opened a small lead early in the first set before moving steadily further ahead while in the third they had raced to 9:3 and then held on while Lynx matched them and the game became interesting and competitive without Lynx making their task much easier. In the second Lynx, playing better, took a two point lead at 6:8 and held it for a while but, after they had increased it to 10:13, coach Anestis Kales called a time-out and his players responded magnificently, moving immediately to 16:13 with a run of winners and then matching Lynx when they again settled. Captain, Roberto Rigante was delighted with his side's performance. After the end of the game he said, "I think the team is really starting to bond together in a very nice way. I have seen the team supporting us even in the second set when we were down a couple of points, we managed to side out and win the set. These are the things that really makes me proud of playing in this team. We still need to improve and stay focused on the next objective but the difference from the first game we played in Battersea is massive both in terms of quality of playing and motivation." Battersea Leisure Centre, Battersea, 18th January Players: Giant Men Starting Six: Guiseppe de Mosa, Victor Goncalves, Simon Granger, Dimitrov Radostin, Francesco Rigante (captain), Krasi Zhechev. Libero: Rafael Jovanelle, Ibrail Khan. Other players: Anton Romalijsky, Ioannis (John) Theocharopoulos, Marcin Tkaczuk. Coach: Anestis Kales. London Lynx 2 Starting Six: Adeel Hydner, Sabastian Romeo, Lorenzo Sepyate, Tomasz Swierczek (captain), Jeremy Yeats, Jamie Zhang Libero: Other players: Ashley Trodden. Coach: First Referee: Tsitsi Nyaruwata

Second Referee: Radostin Cholakov


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