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One of the games of the Season

Lynx so close to Giant revenge

London Lynx 2 lost to Giants (Men’s D2B - London Volleyball League) 22:20 19:21 21:17 16:21 13:15

One of the games of the Season Four days after their scheduled home game against Lynx which they won in three sets Giants travelled to play their rearranged fixture in Leyton and found an opposition that was well prepared for them. What a game the two sides produced! There was a strange start: Giants went four points ahead; Lynx closed to 4:all; Giants went 4:7 ahead, Lynx closed to 7:all. For the rest of the set there was never more than two points between the sides. Eventually, the teams were tied on 20:all after Lynx had secured side out and they then won the next two rallies and, with them, the set. Play continued to be just as close after the teams had changed ends but this time it was Giants who came out on top by the minimum margin. Lynx made a good start to the third and, although Giants came straight back to lead at 4:5, Lynx again imposed themselves on the game and led throughout a set that Giants, although they remained close, never looked like taking. They were better in the fourth, though. After even early exchanges they pushed ahead to 9:11 and then raced to 10:16. This then became a set they did not look like losing and they squared the match. However, throughout the fifth, it looked as if either side could win and it must have been one of the best sets in one of the best of the division's games this season. Lynx led 8:6 when the teams changed ends. Very soon it was 8:all. Then Giants went ahead 10:11. The teams traded point for point to 13:14 but, in a tense final rally, Lynx failed to save match point and Giants were jubilant. Congratulations to both sides: Giants for doing the double, Lynx for coming so close and for playing so well; all the players for producing so great a game. Giants captain Roberto's remarks from the game: "Lynx came back in the court with a much challenging team. Although this, we fought point by point against them and in the end we made it! It looks like the team is doing a next step now. Not only we win in easy games but we are starting fighting in every game even the toughest ones. Now back to training and let's stay focused for the next match on the 4th of Feb" Leyton VI Form College, Leyton, 22nd January Players: London Lynx 2 Starting Six: Adeel Hydner, Lorenzo Sepyate, Sabastian Romeo, Lazar Stoyanov, Tomasz Swierczek, Ashley Trodden. Libero: Gary Beckford. Other players: Mohammed Sliti. Coach: Giant Men Starting Six: Federico Cifuentes, Victor Goncalves, Francesco Rigante, Anton Romalijsky, Marcin Tkaczuk, Krasi Zhechev. Libero: Ibrail Khan. Other players: Guiseppe de Mosa, Dimitrov Radostin, Ioannis (John) Theocharopoulos, Coach: Referee: Claudiu Florea.


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