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Giants set to grow in Clapham

Opening ceremony at new venue

(Men’s D2B - London Volleyball League) Sponsor's cake sweet reward LVA Chair, Charlie Orton cut the red ribbon on Wednesday evening (22nd February) in a short ceremony to mark Giants' formal transfer from Battersea Sports Centre to Clapham Leisure Centre and before a vigorous training session for the Men's division 2B team. Also attending were Tarique Dar with whom Cisel Ormanci would consult with at times trusting his rich volleyball experience and Douglas Barr-Hamilton, the divisional administrator and loyal friends of Little Giants Volleyball such as Silvia Ambu, Nicole Quinn, Warren Bannister and official welfare officer of the club, Radostin Cholakov. Sponsors, Tooting Cake Box generously provided a huge and delicious cake to mark the occasion. A little of it was eaten before the training session. All of it afterwards.

The club has been working towards this end for many months and has an exclusive arrangement with the leisure centre to develop volleyball there. Ambitions are big and they want to stimulate school kids and juniors to take up the sport and raise the standards of performance in the borough. Part of this has resulted in their being granted use of a popular part of Clapham Common for outdoor volleyball over the weekend of 29/30th July for a grass volleyball festival weekend . Lambeth is leading the way. Standing still is not an option in Giants' expansion plans and next on the agenda is the recruitment of coaches and administrators especially women, as running a women's team is another target. Cisel concluded, "As Little Giants Volleyball, we have been investing time and finances on this project of building a volleyball court from scratch at our local leisure centre since May last year. Although it was a long process of events involving a lot of work with many from the centre's management to floor contractors, I'm proud to say that we finally did it. We look forward to playing volleyball at our brand new home venue as well as expanding Giants within the league and making volleyball accessible to our local community of any age and ability".


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