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Giants too strong for Curveball

Giants beat Curveball (Men’s D2B - London Volleyball League) 21:7 21:9 21:13 Late come-back too little The headline is probably all readers will need. Giants moved steadily through the match getting stronger and stronger as the first set progressed. 3:0 then 6:2 saw them off to a good start and from 14:7 they showed their visitors no mercy. The second was better for Curveball only in that they won the opening rally and still led at 1:3 but they again fell away although they eventually saved a late point after Giants had arrived at 19:8. Giants will be annoyed with themselves for allowing Curveball a string of winners late in the third set. The game looked to be in the bag at 16:6 after Curveball had failed to capitalise on a time-out at 16:5 but the visitors played well and deserved their recovery first to 9:16 and then to 13:18. Perhaps they surprised themselves for the hosts then pulled up their socks and finished off their opponents. Clapham Leisure Centre, Clapham, 22nd March Players: Giants Starting Six: Guiseppe de Mosa, Victor Goncalves, Roberto Rigante (captain), Anton Romalijsky, Marcin Tkaczuk, Krasi Zhechev. Libero: Rafael Jovanelle, Ibrail Khan. Other players: Federico Cifuentes, Paolo de Grazia, Ioannis (John) Theocharopoulos, Coach: Anestis Kales Curveball Starting six: Shay Dovan, Michael Fortozo, Marco Giolo, Kwong Li, Martin Maanon (captain), Shaun Rogers. Libero: Other players: Omar Portillo. Coach: Xu Da Referee: Antonio Codrington.


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