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Coached Sessions For All at Clapham LC.

Clapham volleyball is growing further!

Coached training sessions for all standard of players have started this evening (14th June 2017) at Clapham Leisure Centre. Little Giants Volleyball Club is offering the opportunity to all standards of players to train regularly on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to 10pm. The current course , that will be running for 9 weeks throughout the summer months , has filled up fast in the last few weeks. However, the club is already taking registrations for the following course starting in September.

Current group will have an opportunity to play a game against another volleyball club towards the end of the course after training together for a few weeks. This will give an opportunity to the players to experience a volleyball game situation against a "real" opponent.

Coach Radostin Dimitrov says, " It is great pleasure to be part of our club's developmental programmes and in its future. I am very excited to coach the current players and help them develop their skills. Our new group is full of energy and excitement and I believe the best for the group is yet to come. I am already looking forward to the next training session on Wednesday evening!"

Little Giants VC is certain that coach Radostin Dimitrov's extensive volleyball experience and enthusiasm will make the trainings quite beneficial for all attendees. Interested in signing up for future courses? Do get along!

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