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Mixed Volleyball League is back!

Little Giants Mixed Volleyball League is looking to repeat its success, this time to be played throughout the volleyball season: October 2017 to April 2018. Teams will compete in a League format throughout the season in various South West London venues on a Saturday afternoon or a Wednesday evening.

The League will be;

  • Mixed 6 aside with minimum 3 girls on court at all times.

  • Indoor , best of 3 sets per game

  • Minimum 2 games per attendance

  • Trophies for the 3rd place, runner up and the winner with giveaways

  • Entry fee: £300 per team , with deposit payment of £100 in advance to secure a spot

Should you be interested in signing up a team, please kindly email us to make a deposit payment for your team on or follow the link

*payments are non-refundable, non transferable

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