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Clapham's Giants girls too sharp for second Division

Giants remain at the top of the table. (Giants 3 - 1 Wapping Tigers )

Giants moved steadily through the match getting stronger and stronger as the first set progressed. With captain Giulia's serves, 3:0 then 4:2 saw them off to a steady start and from 14:8 they showed their visitors no mercy. The second set was better for Wapping Tigers only in that they won the opening rally and still led at 1:3 but they again fell away although they eventually saved a late point after Giants had arrived at 18:15. Giants will be annoyed with themselves for allowing Wapping Tigers a string of winners late in the third set. The game looked to be in the bag at 13:9 , but the visitors played well and deserved their recovery first to 13:9 and then to 20:18 and eventually won the third set.

Fourth set started with Giants' setter Sonia serving and winning 5 points in a row who has attended the game despite being unwell. Wapping Tigers took a time-out however have never managed to recover and took another time-out at 9:15 to Giants and eventually Giants won the set and hence the game at 3:1.

Clapham Leisure Centre, Clapham, 23rd Nov 2017

Players: Giant Women: Starting Six: Giulia Ponti (captain), Ayaka Karayaka, Sonia Luis, Monica Vernia , Jess Davies, Geny Dopslaff. Libero: Adriana Cristini, Elena Quereda. Other players: Eleonore Caby, Kleio Kipourou, Eva Moore, Marta Racagni, Coach: Anestis Kales Referee: Romell Medenilla

Scorer: Cisel Ormanci

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