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Church Games facilitated by Little Giants VC

Popular tournament comes to London League matches at Caius House present an ordered picture as two teams compete with a set formality from warm up to the final shaking of hands. It looked very different over the weekend just ended (20/21st October) although it quickly became apparent that behind the confused impression was a well-planned organisation ensuring the maximum amount of time given over to play and a minimum wasted. It was a volleyball weekend organised by the Church of the Seventh Day Adventists which has been running for several years. Originally a national event, its growth in popularity attracted a team from Ireland last year and this one drew two travelling from the United States and one from France as well. Yet the atmosphere was not international nor even national but much more family as the large number of players from twelve men's teams were outnumbered by wives and children. Fortunately for the organisers, not everyone was in the hall at the same time. The event had begun on Saturday evening as the Church adheres to Old Testament rules on Sabbath observance of the seventh day and continued until ten on Sunday evening. The matches comprised a single set played to fifteen points to ensure time on court came round as quickly as possible. The standard was a little lower than in the bottom divisions of the London League but was respectable with some players looking as though they had competed at a decent level and everyone wearing their team strip, many with sponsors' logo, with evident pride. As an "Official" web site we do not often report on the playing of the game outside official competition but it is worth recording this event if only to let competitive volleyballers know of some of the thousands playing the game in London outside our league. The competitors included teams from East Ham, Harlow and Redhill and it was evident that their playing in a tournament raised the level of their play and gave an experience above "recreational." The organisers had contacted Little Giants Volleyball when they came across well organised Little Giants Tournaments and met up with the club secretary a few months ago to plan the weekend together and it was an instant partnership. Cisel , Secretary for Little Giants says, “We are thrilled to facilitate events like this in addition to our usual existing weekly groups. We also have recently been facilitating tailored training sessions for those ‘hard to reach groups’ for various organisations such as women only groups. It is quite incredible to see how much volleyball is going on outside of the existing League community. "If you’d like to organise a volleyball sporting event or book a tailored activity for your community, organisation or for your group of friends and you need a qualified coach and a suitable facility, you can contact Little Giants Volleyball at to get a quote.” Caius House V C, Battersea, 20/21st October

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