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London Giants men's headed to Super League

On Saturday, April 27, the men’s team of the London Giants participated in the National English Volleyball League playoffs, contending for a spot in England’s top division.

Having risen from the Second Division to the First Division during the 2022/2023 season playoffs, the team showcased their skills and determination. Despite being newcomers to the National Volleyball League (NVL) Division 1, they advanced to the playoffs in their first year in the pool, facing off against the experienced Newcastle Staffs team.

Their remarkable performance secured them a coveted spot in the upcoming season of the Super League. Additionally, the team claimed the top spot in the local London Men’s Premiership League a week prior to the NVL playoff.

Coach Simon Roscoe said “The club has reached its most successful season to date across all the senior men’s and women’s teams with promotions and trophies aplenty. The past week saw the women’s team collect their NVL Division 2 South title at the National Volleyball Centre, winning all 14 games, and the men’s team then followed.”

The men’s team preparation turned to last weekend’s NVL Super League play-off match, pitching the London Giants [second placed team in NVL Division 1] against the 9th place in the top Division [Super League]. Going into the game on Saturday, the team’s preparations were boosted by claiming the London Premier title that week and trainings tailored towards the weekend’s opposition. 

The team knew the challenge would be tough against Super League opposition, which would not easily give up their position in the top league. The game itself started as expected with a hard fought 30-28 victory in the Giants’ favour, whereas the second set was a more comfortable win. Newcastle Staffs then regrouped and fought all the way in the third and could lead for much of the set before the Giants took a 25-23 win to seal their place in the country’s top league for the 2024/2025 season, a first for the club, which caps off a great season for everyone involved. 

Off the court, the club has made significant strides as well, such as securing sponsorships and generating buzz with their marketing and social media efforts, now boasting nearly 12,000 followers on TikTok alone. These efforts have cultivated a dedicated fanbase who passionately support the teams during their home games in the English capital city.

The European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) authored this article, accessible at:

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