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London Volleyball News: Autumn Indoor Series launched

London's friendly fixtures More matches mooted Two courts have been reserved at Ernest Bevin College sports hall on seven Sundays between now and Christmas and the ever-efficient Cisel Ormanci, Secretary of Little Giants Volleyball Club is busy setting up the competition. They will be staged as individual tournaments to involve as many players and teams as possible although teams will be able to sign up for more than one tournament. Indeed, one keen women's side has already applied for two. Non-league teams, for example a team of work colleagues, will be welcome but the aim is to speed the development of London's own competition and London League teams are Little Giants' aim. The mixed tournaments will have a maximum number of teams of between seven and ten depending on the court time available and the single sex ones between four and six, again depending on time. Team secretaries and many others will already have heard this news for Cisel has circulated over 250 individuals and details will be posted on the web-site which will be launched this Tuesday (20th September). She expects places to be taken up quickly but, to ensure that each tournament is administered well, has put a closing date on entries a fortnight before the event. All the tournaments will take place at Ernest Bevin College in Tooting Bec and if you did not receive the general notification, please email to reserve your team's place. entry costs £70 per team. Tournaments like these not only serve to add to our players' experience but also to bring along family and friends for an enjoyable day out. They and all volleyball enthusiasts will be welcome to watch. Sunday 9th October - Mixed Sat 22nd October - Women only (London League Div 1/Div 2 Standard/Teams) Sat 29th October - Mixed Sat 19th November - Mixed Sun 27th November - Women 4 teams (London League Div 1/Div 2 Standard/Teams) Sun 11th December - Women 4 teams Only(London League Div 1/Div 2 Standard/Teams) Sat 17th December - Mixed Ernest Bevin College, Tooting Bec, 9th October to 17th December


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