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Epic Weekend At Ernest Bevin College

Saturday Mixed Teams

Ernest Bevin College accommodated yet another epic weekend on the 17th and 18th December . 10 mixed teams competed at Little Giants Mixed Indoor Tournament on Saturday where Checkmate, a social team from North London beat all their opponents throughout the competition and won the gold medal. Second place went to Here for Beer led by Andres and Eran which is a regular social team at Little Giants Tournament Series. First time ever, they won medal at the Autumn Series. Third place went to Go Captains, winners of the 1st Autumn Tournament Series.

It was Women's and Men's Tournaments on Sunday at the same venue where mostly London League Division 1 and 2 teams competed against each other.


1st place - Diamonds ( players mainly from F6's Blaze)

2nd place - Angel Wings ( players mainly from Tuskers that competes in the National League)

3rd place - Polonia Academy

4th place - Lionhearts

LVA Referee: Alex Pavkov


1st place - Imperial College

2nd place - Hampstead Utd

3rd place - Lionhearts

4th place - Giants

LVA Referee: Marcelo Radovan

Sunday Women's and Men's participants

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