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Curveball hit by Giants

Curveball lost to Giant Men (Men’s D2B - London Volleyball League) 7:21 9:21 13:21 Still seeking first win More disappointment for Curveball. Their disastrous run of results has continued to Christmas. In the first set only skipper Martin Maanon succeeded in converting a service into a winning rally but heads had already dropped after their guests had won the first two rallies before racing to 1:8 and then 2:11 to melt all their hopes. The second set was little better and the third, if anything, even worse as they were knocked to 0:3 and 1:11. Giants then relaxed too much, however, and there was very little between the sides in a rather scrappy finish that eventually saw the visitors take the spoils. Copper Box, QEOP, 12th December. Players: Curveball Starting six: Kenet Bakamovic, Marco Giolo, Thomas Lofaro, Martin Maanon (captain). Carlo Piccari, Omar Portillo. Libero: Shaun Rogers. Other players: Marcio Kugelmeier, Joao Querido, Coach: Da Xu. Giant Men Starting Six: Federico Cifuentes, Victor Goncalves, Simon Granger, Dimitrov Radostin, Marcin Tkaczuk, Krasi Zhechev. Libero: Ibrail Khan. Other players: Guiseppe de Mosa, Rafael Jovanelle, Herve Mottais (captain), Francesco Rigante, Anton Romalijsky. Coach: A Kales. Referee: Kassim Ukware.


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